Under the Palms

Under the Palm

K. Noel Photography



  Silence is one of those powerful moments that can channel so much meaning to a given situation. It can be used to pass judgment, permeate wisdom, show cowardice or bravery, or convey a powerful message of understanding.

  No matter where you live, being in a modern lifestyle can sometimes make it difficult to find that moment of silence.

  In Southern California, the moment can be found on days when you look up at the palm trees and for a brief moment the only sound you hear is the wind rustling the leaves. Or finding yourself alone in a coffee shop listening only to the clinks of dishes being washed in the back. Those are the moments that come and go so quickly you almost forget to appreciate it in such a loud city.

  It’s those little things that people don’t pay much mind to that help us appreciate living this California lifestyle. It’s what tourists and visitors are looking for when they come out here…that moment their minds become silent and all they hear is the rustling of a palm tree or the crash of a wave.

We just have to remember to take that moment and know it is just as important as the sounds of city life.

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One thought on “Under the Palms

  1. i remember going to the beach specifically for the quiet of the palms and the ocean. I found myself looking for places of silence because of all of the sound that makes up California. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I chose to live in AZ even though I prefer the summers of CA😊


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